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Spoiler: It's pretty bad. Tags: measurements ipv6 Share. Anonymous says: 21 Mar, PM.

6to4 - Why is it so Bad?

What is 6to4? Unique IPv4 address 6to4 network is already configured on the 6to4 interface. For the advertisement, you specify the hexadecimal representation of the IPv4 address, rather than the IPv4 dotted—decimal representation.

Well almost. It is wishful thinking.

Getting working efficiently and reliably is a pre-requisite to deployment of IPv6, not something that will inconvenience the IPv4 users 6to4 network it does not meet the requirements. The exhaustion of the IPv4 pool does not matter one whit to the people who already have IPv4 connectivity.

Everyone I need to contact is already on the net. If anything goes wrong, even if you or the web site can figure out which one it is, there is not a good way to get the problem fixed. The first 16 bits of the prefix are 6to4 network :, the next 32 bits are the IPv4 address, and the last 16 bits of the prefix are available for addressing multiple IPv6 subnets behind the same 6to4 router. As such, make sure you're either correctly sending back the appropriate ICMPv6 messages to signal when a packet is too big, and that those hosts correctly receive them, or if the router advertising daemon you're using allows 6to4 network, advertise the lower MTU to the hosts with radvd, it's the AdvLinkMTU directive, commented in the sample configuration presented earlier.


This is something that may not cause problems at first, but definitely needs to be understood. Routing of packets between 6to4 addresses and native IPv6 6to4 network is by its very nature highly asymmetrical.

Network performance evaluation of 6to4 tunneling

YES NO. Thank you for your feedback.

Feedback Please tell us how 6to4 network can make this article useful. For god's sake, just tell me what to click and where!

Try "ping -6 ipv6. Hello there. Dell Support Resources.

Quick and dirty IPv6 with 6to4 « \1

Specifies 6to4 network source interface type and number for the tunnel interface. A softwire is a tunnel that is created between softwire customer premises equipment CPE.

There are three key components relevant to 6to On R1, we create the tunnel interface, configure it as 6to4, and specify its cloud-facing IPv4 interface as the tunnel source:. 6to4 network the determine the IPv6 address of the tunnel interface, we convert the IPv4 source address to hexadecimal in IPv6 notation, so that 6to4 is an Internet transition mechanism for migrating from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to version 6 (IPv6), a system that allows IPv6 packets to be  ‎How 6to4 works · ‎Security considerations · ‎6to4 relays. 6to4 is a tunneling mechanism used to transfer IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) packets over an IPv4 infrastructure, typically the IPv4 Internet. The 6to4 mechanism was created to support coexistence of both versions during the transition to IPv6, which is expected to take years.


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