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My TuneStudio setup. Remember Me. Bedbugs are giving Airbnb users headaches… and itchy bites. Thumbs up or down? Instagram belkin tunestudio with hiding likes. The vocals, which came out very quiet on a recording on a different portable device that belonged to a friend, were right up there with the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

I constantly worried I would snap off a plastic knob or damage one of the inputs. Best of Back to Belkin tunestudio Gear Samsung Broadcasts 8K Over the Air.

Belkin TuneStudio Portable Digital Multitrack Recorder for iPod(PIN) FBZ for sale online

How about a compressor? Was this support article useful?

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belkin tunestudio YES NO. Thank you for your feedback. Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article useful. If you are located in the United States, Section 17 applies to belkin tunestudio Log in. Have fun!

To set up your TuneStudio: 1 Verify all devices are turned off and all level controls are set to 2 Connect the input sources. A condenser mic usually requires phantom power unless it belkin tunestudio its own power source, such as a battery.

Belkin TuneStudio Turns iPod into Recording Studio

Dynamic and ribbon mics don't usually require phantom power. Note: The phantom power button turns on phantom power for inputs 1 and 2. Always connect your microphones before turning on phantom belkin tunestudio.

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Microphones are very sensitive, and a sudden power belkin tunestudio can damage a microphone. It's also a good idea to set the level control to before you turn on phantom power. Channel 3 provides two TRS inputs. Studio monitors should have built-in amplifiers or be connected to an amplifier.

Get your hands on a refurbished Two knobs allow you to belkin tunestudio the volume coming from the iPod and from the USB interface. All the buttons feel fairly rugged, but the volume and tone controls do wobble a little if you apply enough pressure. The potentiometers beneath the knobs are plastic and not metal, so road-ruggedness is not assured.


Our only other issue with the design is that the "Peak" light on each track isn't visible enough, and so it's easy to push each channel to distortion.Apple iPod Touch The Bottom Line The Belkin TuneStudio is an excellent four-track recorder which is best when used with a Belkin tunestudio or PC. Belkin has taken it upon themselves to update the PortaStudio's tired, Wired for Sound antics with a brand new, iPod-friendly version.

Behringer XENYX USB USB/Audio Mixer with 2 Band EQ Bundle with Antlion Audio XLR to mm Female TRS. The Belkin TuneStudio belkin tunestudio a unique four-channel mixer that lets you create high-quality digital recordings directly onto an iPod. The Belkin TuneStudio is a unique audio mixer.

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