Some Details For Best Data Recovery For Your Data.

As we’ve already said, our goal is to data recovery you need, not all the data on your hard drive. If we can recover all the data, we will. It may be that we can access the 10MB you sorely need from a nearly destroyed hard drive, or it may be that we can recover the 500TB from a slightly damaged storage device and bring it back to mint condition in any case, our success will depend on what we recover, not how much.

Can I Help Improve The Success Rate Of Data Recovery?

To increase the chances of a successful data recovery, the best thing to do is not to attempt to recover the data yourself, and instead contact a professional. In our experience, when someone who is not trained to recover data tries to do so, the chances of success can be affected.

Another way to help ensure successful Data Recovery when your device has suffered physical damage is to take it to a professional as soon as possible. This will help increase the chances of data recovery, as if nothing is done, the extent of the damage could increase and make it difficult to recover the necessary data.

Will Putting The Hard Drive In The Freezer Help?

No! It is important to ignore home remedies and do not put the hard drive in the freezer if it is damaged or not working properly (yes, we have heard this many times!). While it may have once worked for you, putting a modern hard drive in the freezer won’t help, it could damage it even more, making it harder to recover your data.

Data Recovery

How Long Does The Data Recovery Process Take?

The length of the data recovery process will depend on the level of service you choose. During the consultation, we can explain the various options and agree on the term that best suits the situation. Currently, we offer three options:

  1. Standard : average 7 to 10 business days
  2. Express : average 3 business days
  3. Emergency : average 12 to 24 hours

It’s important to note that these are average timeframes and may depend on the severity of the situation, amount of data, and data transfer speeds.

If You Spend More Time Recovering My Data, Will You Be Able To Recover More?

Unfortunately, having more time doesn’t always mean recovering more Facebook data. The amount of data that we can recover from a storage device depends more on the type of damage that the device has suffered and not on the amount of time we have to work on it.

We offer three levels of service: standard, express and emergency. During the consultation period, we will be able to discuss these options with you to ensure that both parties are happy with the agreed time frame and what can be achieved in that time frame.

Some Details For Best Data Recovery For Your Data.