The Best Data Recovery From Logically Crashed USB Drive

As mentioned above, a USB key is in logical failure when it is physically sound. In order to identify and confirm this failure, it is therefore necessary to test and examine the USB key physically. If the thesis of the logical failure of the USB key is confirmed, one can use the desired software to perform Data Recovery.

The choice of data recovery software , type of scan highly depend on the root problem. When in doubt, a global and exhaustive search can be carried out. But the downside is that this method can generate a lot of “garbage” data. Useful data is drowned in an ocean of waste and useless.

The question of the data tree structure always arises when recovering data from a USB key. Logically, and in most cases, there’s no reason not to have the tree. However, if this is still the case, we can assume:

  • Unsuitable data recovery software, or does not support file system of USB flash drive.
  • The USB key has been formatted and reused several times.
  • Very high data corruption.

Data recovery from physical crashed USB flash drive :

Recovering data from a physical crashed USB drive is a whole different story. There is no way to start with data recovery software. Here are the key steps to detect a physical failure (see complete diagram below of the operations to follow):

Data Recovery
  1. Visual examination: the USB key must be physically intact. The connector should not move and bend.
  2. Tactile examination: by plugging in the USB key, it should not overheat.
  3. Check in disk management. Detecting the USB key with its full capacity is not a guarantee that the USB key is not hardware-failed. To do this, you must complete the examination with a scan with HD Tune .

Two types of physical failure on USB key :

All the steps for diagnosing the USB key failure are essential because they will determine the method of Linkedin data recovery later. By following the diagram until the physical failure, it is necessary to retain if the key had been detected in full capacity in the disk manager.

USB Drive Data Recovery Methods :

What determines the method of recovering data from USB flash drive in physical failure is the detection of the key with its real capacity in the disk manager.

The Best Data Recovery From Logically Crashed USB Drive