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CONFIG_SND_OXYGEN: C-Media 8786, 8787, 8788 (Oxygen)

Without such information being made available, it would be difficult for you to purchase products, have products delivered to you, receive customer service, provide us feedback to improve our products and services, or access certain services, c-media cmi8788 audio, and content on the Cmedia website. Listening tests — CD audio For our listening tests, I called in a few favors and cornered three friends in the Benchmarking Sweatshop.


After bribing them with adult beverages and some quality time alone with a GeForce GTX, I subjected our listeners to several hours of music playback tests spanning all three sound cards and the ADI integrated audio config. Tests were conducted with a pair of 5. Volume levels were normalized to within c-media cmi8788 audio decibel, and all environmental effects and equalizers were disabled. To highlight the differences between cards, second song clips were played back-to-back on different configurations.

Four cards gave us six back-to-back tests per configuration, ensuring that each card went head-to-head with the others. The order of playback was randomized for each test, and our listeners were unaware of which cards they were listening to at any given time. This first set of listening tests examines CD-quality audio playback. In most cases, the differences between the cards were c-media cmi8788 audio, although our listeners were largely consistent in which cards they favored.

C-Media CMI chipset Versus Asus AV Tom's Hardware Forum

Our listeners felt the X-Meridian had the strongest vocals and percussion of the bunch, but they said that came at the expense of background instrumentals that seemed a little lost in c-media cmi8788 audio shuffle. The listeners were split on the Inferno. One thought the card sounded almost identical to the X-Meridian, while the other two were in agreement that the Inferno sounded a little muffled in comparison, especially at the low end of the spectrum. None of our subjects were keen on the ADI A with this song.

There was also a sense c-media cmi8788 audio the ADI A missed the mark with background instruments, and my ears concurred. Overall, the X-Fi offered the most balanced playback for this track. They also presented quite a challenge for our sound cards. When the X-Meridian was pitted against the Inferno, our listeners had a hard time distinguishing between the cards.

Interestingly, though, they felt that the Inferno missed some of the sweetness in the strings when it was compared c-media cmi8788 audio the X-Fi. One listener also heard crisper vocals on the X-Fi, and a little more punch to the bass than what the Inferno offered.

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The X-Meridian and Inferno were all but identical to their ears, although one listener heard a little more mid-range on the Auzentech card. Our listeners also felt that the X-Meridian provided slightly cleaner vocals than the X-Fi, but one also said that the X-Fi provided more punch than the Inferno. However, one of our listeners was familiar enough with Pachebell c-media cmi8788 audio note that while he had heard Canon numerous times before, this was his first experience with this particular take on the piece.

All three felt that the Inferno was missing something when compared with the X-Fi, as well, although they could only point to the fact that the X-Fi sounded fuller. There was also general agreement c-media cmi8788 audio the Inferno and X-Meridian sounded almost identical.

Again, the ADI A was the least favorite of the c-media cmi8788 audio. I was actually impressed that the ADI A sounded as good as it did, but it was my least favorite of the bunch. To my ears, the X-Fi c-media cmi8788 audio a richer sound than either the Inferno or the X-Meridian, although not by much.

Audio - ALSA -- unknown soundcard oxygen - Super User

Now adjust your soundcard's volume levels. All mixer channels are muted by default. You must use a native mixer program to unmute appropriate channels, for example alsamixer c-media cmi8788 audio the alsa-utils package. Email Required, but never shown.


Featured on Meta. Previously Viewed Products.CM, PCIe 6CH HDA audio controller (codec companion is CM A) CMI, Oxygen HD-CMIPCI 8-channel HD sound processor / with Dolby. CMedia CMI Audio Driver for C-media cmi8788 audio 7 · DOWNLOAD NOW. 3, downloads · Added on: November 27, · Manufacturer: CMedia.

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