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Maximum number of values to cache.

Default is -1, which means unlimited. Policy used to evict values from the local cache when the expiration time has passed: Expire After Last Access - Measures the expiration time since cache jdbc value was last accessed by a read or a write.

Expire After Last Write - Measures the expiration time since the value was created, or cache jdbc the value was last replaced. Amount of time that a value can remain in the local cache without being accessed or written to.

Default is 1 second. The Java client is responsible for the execution of all Java code such as additional business logic or the user interface. Branch: cache jdbc New pull request. Installation Notes: The saved archive file must be unpacked in order to located the cache jdbc file that should be loaded. Re: disable jdbc resultset caching for external dbs.

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While this might work fine cache jdbc a per-service-and-method level, it might quickly become tedious when you query only parts of those results. A real cache would involve invalidation time-based, update-based, etc. You must annotate a query or query fragment with a result cache hint to indicate that results are to be stored in the query result cache. Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 The cached results reside in the result cache memory portion of the SGA.

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A cached result is cache jdbc invalidated whenever a database object used in its creation is successfully modified. The server-side caching can be of the following two types:.

The client result cache improves performance of applications by caching query result sets in a way that subsequent query executions can access the cached cache jdbc set without fetching rows from the server. This eliminates many round-trips to the server for cached results and reduces CPU usage. The client result cache transparently keeps the result set consistent with any session state or database changes that can affect the cached result sets.


It should not be used in production. Use the reStart method to close all cache jdbc the physical connections and empty the pool.

Statement and Result Set Caching

JDBC Driver versions prior to 3. Versions 3. You can override the default behavior in any of the following cache jdbc. Set the connection property ocspFailOpen to true or false. Set the system property net.

Hack up a Simple JDBC ResultSet Cache Using jOOQ’s MockDataProvider

The revocation status of the certificate is checked by sending a cache jdbc certificate request to one of the OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol servers for the CA certificate authority. A connection cache jdbc occurs when the response from the OCSP server is delayed beyond a reasonable time. The following caches persist the revocation status, helping alleviate these issues:.

File cache, which persists until the cache directory e. Returns the behavior for a specific cache jdbc instance. Use cache jdbc connection pool to share database connections efficiently between all requests, but don't use the JDBC ResultSet object itself as the cache object.Defining a JDBC Connection URL — describes how to specify the host address, port number, and namespace to be accessed.

InterSystems Cache Database Connection Help

The Caché JDBC driver also. You can use the Caché JDBC Driver and SQL when you cache jdbc to access your Caché data using a relational model.


The Java Binding Mechanism also uses the .

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