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Some people recommend using a mild detergent in ultrasonic bath - I am sure that works even faster. Most importantly - make nikon coolscan 5000 you do not touch the reflective surface with your hands or anything hard. Professional tweezers made of finest steel. Until Nikon coolscan 5000 found details on the SilverFast product, I had tried the procedures on the info boards with poor results. This is about the 5th time I have re-started this project.

I downloaded the demo version of your SilverFast Ai Studio 8 suite and it took me a few hours to figure out how nikon coolscan 5000 navigate the product. Authorized Service Centers. Warranty Policy. Firewire: No.

Used Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED With MA-21/SA-21 - Good

Processor Speed. Min RAM Size. Inserting thinner slides theoretically is no problem, but there is often problems with the transport of those slides, so that you'd better scan them individually. Nikon supplies a small plate which can be attached to the transport slider when scanning thick slides. Thicker slides than 3,2 mm often get jammed when transported. You can be sure that such a transport mechanism is afflicted with all perfidies you can imagine. Just like copiers the slide feeder too has known problems like jams, feeding twice, feeding nothing, etc. But Nikon worked on this problem and came out with the SF, a highly improved successor to the SF What has changed and what are the features of the new SF? In principle it's only a thumb wheel on the right hand side and a simple metal bar, that makes the difference to the old slide feeder SF By turning the small wheel you can move the metal bar back and forth.

Before scanning a batch of slides you set the metal bar to a position in which the transport slider can only move one single slide into the scanner. If two slides get stuck the metal bar prevents them being both drawn into the scanner simultanenously. This method works perfectly and I must praise this advancement! nikon coolscan 5000

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With the nikon coolscan 5000 SF batch scanning paperboard mounted slides was nearly impossible, because the transport slider drew in slides at once. This shortcoming now doesn't exist any more, and scanning paperboard slides for example Kodachrome now works without any problems.

Nikon CoolScan ED Driver for Windows 10, macOS & more VueScan

Naturally this adjustable metal bar only helps when scanning slide mounts of the same kind. If you put a potpourri of plastic, glass and paperboard mounts with thicknesses between 1 and 3,2 mm into the magazine you have to fully open the metal bar, and can not prevent two slides being drawn in at once. But you can move the metal bar during scan mode. So nikon coolscan 5000 5 thin paperboard mounts follow 5 thick mounts you can accordingly adjust the metal bar before the scanner draws the paperboard mounts in. There are the same kind of problems with the transportation of the slides just as with the predecessor: it happens that slides get stuck on their way into or out of the scanner, jam on the turnout or that the transport slider slips past the mounts.

Thus the dream nikon coolscan 5000 automatically batch scanning 50 images at once becomes true only occasionally.

Slides with double sided glass mounts get stuck almost categorically and can even damage the feeder. You'd better not digitse this kind of slides with the SF at all. The Nikon scan software brilliantly supports the SF after prescanning the first image you nikon coolscan 5000 make all settings like scan area, resolution and colour settings.


These settings then nikon coolscan 5000 for all images being scanned in one pass. The maximum number of batch scans is 99 by the way, you can not set a higher number with the software.

The QuickTime videos were very useful to understand the various settings available in the program. Before I downloaded the demo of your program I had no experience or knowledge nikon coolscan 5000 what the SilverFast Ai Studio 8 software was capable of doing.


The results from the SilverFast product are exceptional. Especially for scanning Kodachrome-films the Nikon is superior to the small brother Nikon Used Condition:. Good Condition:. Scanner Type:. Scanner Interface:.

Super COOLSCAN 5000 ED

Light Source:. Color Depth:.

For such an expensive machine it is barely worth it. Certainly not if you don't have much time to fiddle. This is all sad as the quality of scan is clearly there, just the ergonomics of using this unit and the ridiculously produced software are a typical Japanese pain in the neck.OPTIONAL: Nikon coolscan 5000 film adapter SA for up to 40 frames on an uncut roll of 35mm film.

LCD, Video and Photo Gallery images are for illustrative purposes only. Plustek OpticFilm i Ai High Resolution Film and Slide Scanner, dpi Optical Resolution, bit.

Used Nikon Coolscan ED With MA/SA - Good Scanners Nikon at Unique Photo

Plustek OpticFilm i SE, 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. dpi / bit Output. Pacific Image PowerFilm Automatic 35mm Film Scanner nikon coolscan 5000 Batch scanning up to 10 Film Strips (6.

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