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Protocol for emm typing Minus Related Pages. Streptococcus Laboratory.

Section Navigation. On This Page. PDF Powerpoint. Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC cdc emm. These primers are better for obtaining the first few bases of the target sequence.

You can use a molecular approach cdc emm real-time PCR assay targeting the spy gene for detecting S. CDC has identified 10 new emm types from population-based studies of GAS invasive disease 7,8, unpub.


In addition, eight new emm sequences from Brazil, six from Malaysia, three from Papua New Guinea, three from Cdc emm, two from Ethiopia, two from Gambia, and one cdc emm from New Zealand and Chile have been confirmed by a second laboratory for emm sequence uniqueness, for 36 potentially new emm types. Although all the reference strains on the list at one time had demonstrated survival in the in vitro bactericidal test presumably reflecting functional M proteinthe reference strains should be retested for survival in the bactericidal test before use in research. Because listing of type strains may be slightly different for each culture collection, when cultures are obtained, the strains should be properly identified. The strains for reference types 1 to 50 should be traced to the Lancefield collection, from which the M-typing system was derived.

In the past, if a reference strain lost the capacity to express M protein on the bacterial cell surface, that strain was passaged in vivo and selected for the increased presence of M protein; therefore, many derivatives of the original reference cultures are in use by the reference laboratories, and none are known to have undergone change in their emm gene nucleotide sequence. Reference cultures 51 to 81 have been deposited in the ATCC by the CDC investigators who will also deposit the provisional type strains shortly. Plans are to continue the deposition of cultures of new emm types as they are confirmed. The database contains detailed information on the CDC method of emm typing and provides additional background on each reference strain and most known emm sequence types.

Deriving Group A Streptococcus Typing Information from Short-Read Whole-Genome Sequencing Data

The data are prereviewed for errors and discrepancies, and all newly deposited emm -types are first verified directly by the CDC reference laboratory. At this time, until a complete validation protocol is established, investigators who discover new emm cdc emm types should submit their isolates to cdc emm CDC Streptococcus Laboratory to confirm uniqueness.

As a first step, investigators should search the CDC database for emm sequences; Genbank can be used as a second step, since it is always possible that neither database will necessarily have all known emm sequences of GAS at any given time. Furthermore, the CDC database will include the accepted emm type designation for those types, whereas a possible incorrect emm sequence may have been submitted to GenBank by cdc emm investigator.


The Table lists the provisional M-type strains and cdc emm status of validation. Collaborative investigations involving the six reference laboratories included several other provisional M-type strains and has confirmed the following: PT fulfills all the phenotypic criteria for an M type; however, only anti-OF serum has been prepared.

cdc emm Therefore, the status of this strain as a potential new M type remains on hold until further supporting data can cdc emm provided. PT, Prague, Czech Republic CZhas the same emm type as M-type 65, which correlated to serologic tests performed at the National Streptococcus Laboratory in Edmonton, Canada, showing that both strains reacted with M65 typing antiserum.

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CDC is not responsible for Section compliance accessibility on other federal or private website. Group A streptococci: Submit emm cdc emm sequence to determine emm subtype of your strain. There are many species and subspecies within the Streptococcus genus.

Resources and Protocols

Instructions for Assigning Types and Subtypes for a GAS strain This database of trimmed base entries corresponds to the first 50 residues of cdc emm mature M protein and the adjacent 10 C terminal cdc emm of the signal sequence. Use at least the first bases of sequence edited for accuracy obtained with primer 1 or emmseq2 see emm typing protocol page to query the type-specific DNA sequence database.

Due to the size and clinical severity of the GAS disease burden, epidemiological surveillance has been crucial to detect changes in the disease pattern in various populations. Typing of cdc emm bacterial isolates has been an important part of the epidemiological surveillance of GAS disease.The M protein gene (emm) encodes the cell surface M virulence protein responsible for at least Streptococcus pyogenes M serotypes. emm. CDC - Blast-emm strep groupA subtyping request form.

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