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Pay Station: When a Pay Station fails to connect to the Application Server to update a user's balance, the Pay Station now displays an error message and prints a transaction fx document centre c400 ps report if an acknowledgement printer is attachedso the user has proof that the transaction did not succeed.

Fixes: Reduced the CreateSSLKeystore default certificate validity duration to not exceedto safeguard older devices running into a date rollover issue. Fixed an issue that caused Site Servers to display lower total amounts of Devices on the 'About' tab if those Devices were registered directly to the same Site Server. User Client: Fixed an issue that prevented the User Client from launching when the User Fx document centre c400 ps icon was double-clicked in the Windows task tray.

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Fixed an issue that caused high memory usage, especially when a high number of shared accounts are used. Sandbox mode: Fixed an issue that caused multiple print jobs to be generated for each Web Print job in some virtual environments. Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented PaperCut MF from publishing all printers to Google Cloud Print when there were a large number of printers. Epson printers: Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect number of copies and pages to be reported for some Epson printers. Fixed an issue that caused a long custom login message to flow over other elements on the screen e. The text label of the "Select All" checkbox on the Print Release screen is now clickable. Fixed an issue that occasionally caused access to Device Functions and Integrated Scanning to be incorrectly blocked with the message "No account selection options available for user".

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused PaperCut MF to stop working when the Print Release screen displayed long document names. Fixed an issue where pressing the Back button on the Account confirmation screen resulted in a partial logout if it was the first screen displayed after fx document centre c400 ps. Fixed an issue that caused PaperCut MF to stop working with the device when "ext-device. Fixed an issue that caused the "Job Status" button on the Print Release screen to disappear when there were no held print jobs. Fixed an issue that caused an error message when a user tried to log in if: "ext-device.

EIP 4. This setting is configurable via a config key ext-device.

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New Features: Job Ticketing is a new web-based order submission and workflow tool connecting PaperCut MF to in-house print rooms and 3D fabrication labs. Completely integrated into PaperCut MF, this tool not only tracks but also allows full workflow control of services, including: Production printing 3D printing Laser cutting CNC machining Using this tool, products fx document centre c400 ps options are pre-configured, allowing users to easily submit an order online. These orders are then not only tracked and managed, but the progress and status of the job is also communicated to the user.

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Enhancements: GDPR print management, data privacy and security compliance: To comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation "Right to be Forgotten": a new Privacy Option has been added to configure the time period after which potentially sensitive data elements of print jobs are permanently redacted from the Job Logs page. This includes Document Names of print jobs and thumbnail previews and spool files of archived print jobs. Security: When a print server is detected as being offline, all its held print jobs pending release can now be hidden, to prevent them from being released during the outage. For more information about this feature and how to enable it, contact PaperCut Support. Linux and macOS CUPS : Added more options to the configure-cups script when run from the terminal list all available printers, add or remove individual printers.

HP drivers: Fixed an issue with some drivers that caused duplex print jobs to be detected as simplex since Docuprint P8ex. Docucolor 40 Cp. Docuprint Pg Docucolor 40 Pro. Fx document centre c400 ps Fax Center Docuprint Xj4c. Docuprint 92c Enterprise. Docuprint Xj6c. Docucolor Ap. Document Fax Center Pro Docuprint Xj7c.


Document Workcenter Docuprint 96 Mx. Docuprint Xj8c.

Submit Your Reply. Page 18 - Installing Printers Connected to a Windo It should appear on your OpenVMS system with fixed-length byte records. Separate versions of the kit are provided for each of the OpenVMS hardware architectures. Each version contains a full kit — once unpacked, it can be installed on any of the hardware architectures — but each architecture requires its matching version of the self-extract code. The PrintKit software distribution kit includes definitions for all printer models that were validated for use with the software at the time it fx document centre c400 ps released.

However, it does not include any preliminary definitions, nor does it include more recent validated fx document centre c400 ps. Printer Model Supplement kits provide updates to the printer definitions used by the PrintKit software.No drivers available for selected language. Showing English drivers instead.


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