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The tablet is so sensitive in fact that the weight of the pen alone is enough to see results.

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Hanvon – Art Master III – Review

The hanvon art master 3 has many appealing features for artists interested in outward appearances as well as overall performance. Another downside is that, as reported in the manual, Mac users can not use the features related to the pen inclination. And the first impressions? But you knew that the only one who produce pens without batteries is Wacom because Wacom has the patent on it?

Hanvon Art Master Iii 13 X 8 (large) - Buy Graphics Tablet Product on

Well … Until a few years ago it was true, but not now. The patents in America have a relatively limited lifetime 17 yearsbut during the period of coverage is very strong. Of course, the patent together with an excellent marketing strategy, has granted to Wacom to assume a position of absolute dominance in the market for graphics tablets for hanvon art master 3 two decades now, and reach absolute notoriety in the field of CG. Going to dig a little more it also unearths hanvon art master 3 dispute that there was one Wacom and Hanvon about patents where it seems to have it checked at the end was just Hanvon.

Hanvon Art Master III

Against this, the fact that the pen of the Intuos III is compatible with Art Master III and viceversa not documented fact, but I can testify from personal experience does not surprise me anymore. About Wacom market strategy I do not say anything, but looking on the Internet for some application that can read the actual specifications of a tablet I found hanvon art master 3 little utility to read the specifications of a tablet: doing a test on Intuos III and Art Master III seems that Hanvon do not lie on specifications.

In the figure below, even if the application shows Intuos 4 in the bar, there are the data extracted by the two tablets:. Lead Time : hours.

Not exactly what you want? Some considerations when handling the material are as follows: The tablet is lighter than you might think, very thin and very well made.


The materials it is made give the impression that it is pretty solid and durable. Same thing goes for the two pens, each with a comfortable rubber grip and quite manageable. The manual consists of about sixty pages, and even if the type of hanvon art master 3 is rather sparse and spartan, it is complete.

The bundled software including the trial of Corel Photo Paint is not proper exciting … but generally those who are preparing to buy a tablet of this caliber, already have the SW to use with it. Personally I do not find a flaw because, compared with a lower priced product, I definitely prefer not to have bundled a SW that hanvon art master 3 I will not use. Note that I found particularly enjoyable is the cable separated from the tablet. hanvon art master 3


In the past I had some problem with the cable of my IntuosIII, that is fixed to the tablet, and now I have a nice piece of duct tape to hide an emergency repair. I have not however found in the package any expensive paperweight.

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I remember the pack of Intuos 3 there was a very elegant, which I keep still jealously on the shelf of the library where I place a few years ago when I opened the package. Clearly this didn't go unnoticed at the Hanvon workshop. For Attractive design Competitively priced. hanvon art master 3

Actually, that's not entirely true — the jog wheel's been defaulted to moving the canvas up and down, hanvon art master 3 surely zoom would have been more useful? Let users work easily and comfortably like the feel of traditional painting, smooth drawing and brush stroke effects by pressing harder or softer with the digital Pen.

PenMark PenMark lets user mark anywhere over the computer screen or pictures; any comments, marks, annotations can be saved.Cordless & Battery-free Pen Technology The drawing pen is light weighted and easy to use without unwanted hassle of batteries or hanvon art master 3. Pressure Sensitive. The Art Master III looks great – and a little familiar – but looks aren't Here Hanvon claim to match the Intuos4 surface sensitivity with 2,

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