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Page Additional Information Additional information Precautions On handling the camera Do not carry the camera by holding the disc cover Do not touch the rotating disc This may cause serious injuries. On pickup lens cleaning When the pickup lens is dirty and the camera cannot read any image, clean the pickup lens using a commercially available blower. Page 65 How to prevent moisture condensation When bringing the camera from a cold place to a warm place, seal the camera in mavica cd1000 plastic bag and allow it to adapt to conditions at the new location over a period of time about an hour.

If moisture condensation occurs Turn off the camera and wait about an hour for the moisture to evaporate.

Page On Discs On vanadium-lithium battery Your camera is supplied with a vanadium-lithium battery installed so mavica cd1000 to retain the date and time, etc. Nikon Z 35mm F1. Aug 12, review.

Sony Mavica CD - - The free camera encyclopedia

Aug 11, 79 sample gallery. Video: Taking natural light portraits in a backyard shed. Aug 10, The top of the camera holds the mode control on the right, where it's easily reached by your right thumb. The shutter button is in the usual place, and the microphone has been moved atop the slanting front of the viewfinder assembly. The onboard flash and flash shoe mount mavica cd1000 out the complement of top-panel accouterments.

Sony Mavica MVC-CD1000 Specs

Our one real complaint about the design of the CD, shared in common with the FD91 and FD95, is that the mavica cd1000 really has too little flat area around the tripod socket. Which at least is made of metal, to give credit where due.

This tiny footprint makes for a very unsteady tripod mount, which is all the more regrettable because it could have so easily been avoided: There's absolutely no reason other than design aesthetic for the tripod platform to be so tiny: It could easily have extended at least another half-inch or so in all directions, which would have dramatically improved tripod stability. I guess we have to find one thing to dislike on every; camera, and this is it for us on the CD GoPro has streamlined its mobile offerings by combining mavica cd1000 Quick video editing toolkit into mavica cd1000 main GoPro app for an all-in-one solution to capturing, editing and sharing GoPro footage from your mobile device.

Time-of-flight sensors can measure distances by measuring the time it takes for a laser pulse to travel until it hits an object and is reflected back.


Mavica cd1000 has introduced the Nikkor Z 85mm F1. This short telephoto prime has 12 elements, a nine-blade aperture and minimum focus distance of 0. Submit a News Tip! Pixel pitch tells you the distance from the center of one pixel photosite to the center of the next.

Sony Mavica MVC-CD1000 digital camera

Relative pixel sizes:. Pixel area difference: 3.

Shop with. And to give them flexibility, one or two versions also had lens mount adapters. The Mavica line has been discontinued. We're sorry. How to view pictures when mavica cd1000 to finalize the disc in the CD Mavica digital camera.


We believe in supporting the Australian economy. You can use the eyelevel viewfinder to frame and record, playback and mavica cd1000 navigate the menus and change camera settings, all without using the power-hungry color LCD, this really extends the battery runtime. How mavica cd1000 view pictures when unable to finalize the disc in the CD Mavica digital camera. The pack is one of Sony's "InfoLithium" units, and it lets the camera give you a good idea of how much longer the battery will last at the current rate of consumption, via its on-screen display.

Review: Sony Mavica MVC-CD digital camera

You get an AC-to-DC adaptor mavica cd1000 the camera; the power supply charges the battery when the adaptor's plugged in and the mavica cd1000 turned off. From dead flat it takes about minutes to get a "normal charge", whereupon the charge light turns off, and about another hour to get a "full charge", with the battery tippy-top full. You can get separate battery chargers and spare batteries as well, of course, but InfoLithium packs aren't cheap.

One charge, however, will give you a genuine hundred minutes of continuous operation of the CD, or maybe two hours with judicious mavica cd1000 of the LCD panel. So you don't necessarily need a spare battery at all. The pop-up mavica cd1000 on top of the CD's small, but effective.

The camera mavica cd1000 seem to have the flash metering problems of cheaper Sonys, which tend to overexpose. Like the cheaper cameras, though, the CD lets you boost or cut the flash intensity. There's a red-eye reduction pre-flash mode, as well as the usual fill flash setting to tell the flash to fire whether or not the camera thinks it needs it.Jeff K posts Sony MVC CD review · Just posted - Sony Mavica cd1000 CD review!

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Sony officially announce MVC-CD · Just posted!. Sony Mavica MVCCD MP Digital Camera. See price on Jeff K posts Mavica cd1000 MVC CD review. Dec 12 Just posted - Sony Mavica CD review!.

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