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mtnl digital signature Therefore following personnel have to procure Digital Signature Certificate:. Directors 2. Company Secretary - Whether in practice or in job. Bank Officials - for Registration and Satisfaction of Charges 5. Three message boxes as shown below comes.


Digital Certificate is installed. By Sudha Nagaraj. This could be installed on the prepaid simcard so that MTNL can establish a one-on-one relationship with the customer.

MTNL may get to certify digital signatures - The Economic Times

The user in turn would get a stronger individual personal identification and only after this is established will any commercial transaction, like recharging is possible. This is just one application of the mtnl digital signature signature, which is open to MTNL once it becomes a digital signature certifying authority CA.

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Shakambaree Traders Pvt. Mtnl digital signature use of digital signatures for subscriber services proposed by PWC are being looked into for financial viability and fine-tuning before deployment to widen customer base. If MTNL manages to usher in digital signatures in cellular services, it will have the first-mover advantage in this arena.


The last got its licence only two weeks back. Follow us on.

MTNL may get to certify digital signatures

The company representatives and professionals required to obtain DSCs are free to procure the same from any one of the mtnl digital signature Certification Agencies as per the MCA portal. Send SMS. Send Email. Therefore following personnel have to procure Digital Signature Certificate:.


Directors 2. Company Secretary - Whether in practice or in job. Bank Officials - for Registration and Satisfaction of Mtnl digital signature 5. Cryptography enables you to store sensitive information or transmit it across insecure networks like the Internet so that it cannot be read by mtnl digital signature except the intended recipient. In short, cryptography is science of securing data c What is secret key cryptography? Secret-key cryptography is sometimes referred to as symmetric cryptography.

It is the more traditional form of cryptography, in which a single key can be used to encrypt and decrypt a message. Secret-key cryptography not only deals with encryption, but it mtnl digital signature deals with authentication. Public Key Cryptography is a method for securely exchanging messages, based on assigning two complimentary keys one public, one private to the individuals involved in a transaction.

Public Key Cryptography is based on the science of encryption, the mathematical scrambling and unscrambling of messages. Authentication is the process of verifying a claimed identity. This includes: Establishing that a given identity actually exists; Establishing that a person or organization is the true holder of that identity; Enabling identity holders to identify themselves for the purposes of carrying out a transaction via an electronic medium. Encryption is the process of using a mathematical formula and an encryption key to scramble information so that is unintelligible to unauthorized persons. Since electronic information is in the form of a series of ones and zeroes, an encryption process can transform a particular mtnl digital signature message into another sequence of ones and zeros that is uniquely related to the original message.

Decryption is the process of converting the scrambled information back to its original, plain text form using the same mathematical formula and a decryption key related to the encryption key so an authorized person can understand it. Non-repudiation provides proof of the origin or delivery of data in order to protect the sender against a false denial by the recipient that the data has been received or to protect the recipient against false denial by the sender that the data has been sent. A plastic card like credit card with a built-in microprocessor and memory used for identification or financial transactions. When inserted into a reader, it transfers data mtnl digital signature and from a central computer. It is more secure than a magnetic stripe card and can be programmed to self-destruct if the wrong password is entered too many times.Shakambaree Traders offers DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE in India from MTNL, Obtain DSC, Kolkata, India, Class 3, MCA21 Class 2 Pan Digital.

Shakambaree Traders offers DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE in India from.

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