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Music to your ears: Reviewing Asus’ budget Xonar DGX and DSX sound cards Ars Technica

How was your experience with this page? Jan 14, at PM. Igor 28 Jun Hello. Throneum 28 Jun Hey. Throneum 30 Jul Format C: and fresh installing copy of Win10 helps. CarvedInside 31 Jul Thank you for the update. Peteer 27 Jul I am about to upgrade my PC and you guys got me scared a little. CarvedInside 28 Asus xonar dgx Thank you for the information. JonBenz asus xonar dgx Jul Sorry for taking too long, i was abroad. Thanks for your help. CarvedInside 22 Jul Interesting, yeah it could be some bug within Windows 10, maybe the microphone boost is not activating for the rear outputs. Let us know if you find a solution.


Sadly it sits in a box on a shelf. A very good card for the price. Along the top edge of the card, you can see a number of internal connectors for extra input and output ports. To be fair, it might be the asus xonar dgx i bought have problem…but i am not sticking around to find out…. Creative has always worked fine for me. Built-in sound for me has always been good enough do I really need higher fidelity gunshots? No form of extra sound card would help in that matter, as far as I understand. Is there asus xonar dgx difference in sound quality over digital? The differences will be limited to whatever preprocessing the sound card does digitally before it gets sent to the digital out, as well as how the card handles surround encoding.

A big problem is that your regular testers may have learned what the artifacts are of Realtek and respond accordingly. A bigger problem is that humans tend to respond positively to heavy bass—simply turning up the bass would bias the results.


It does seem that the Xonar has superior bass, but how about the response at higher frequencies? Finally, for me the biggest problem with Realtek is the asus xonar dgx tend to have what sounds like a low impedance hum, which can sometimes be quite noticeable in quiet sections.

Thus, simply asus xonar dgx rid of this hum without any other changes would improve the scores for many listeners. You can asus xonar dgx Chinese versions of the chip for between 15cc. You can drop in an Analog Devices OP as a pin compatible replacement with better quality performance, and I believe there are some Burr Brown parts that are compatible as well.

Need good headphones that would work well with Asus Xonar DGX(open-back)

Well the article certainly did state one thing that is true beyond words… discrete sound cards do have a long life span… I am still using my X-Fi XtremeMusic I bought way back when they first came out… and I have to admit that I am still quite happy with it. Something I personally would suggest maybe for a future review, include a few older PCI cards like the X-Fi, assuming you guys still have them from your review of them from way way back in the day…. I know several people like myself who are still running these old PCI cards because they still sound far better than integrated audio but are not entirely sure if they are worth trashing for a newer solution, if there are any tangible benefits to getting a new card, or if the sound quality is going to be basically the same.

For asus xonar dgx few years now I have been wondering how my X-Fi compares to these newer cards and if it would asus xonar dgx worth it to replace it… but as of yet it seems that no reviews will ever compare newer cards to older solutions.

You guys said it yourselves… sound cards have an abnormally long asus xonar dgx span. Yeah, I agree about cards aging relatively gracefully. Save on Sound Cards Internal Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

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USB 6 Channel 5. There is no known solution to me.PCI Express channel gaming audio card.

Asus XONAR DGX PCI Express Sound Card

The Asus xonar dgx DGX audio card combines Dolby® Headphone high definition surround with the ASUS-exclusive GX gaming audio engine and an on-board headphone amplifier. The Xonar DGX uses Dolby® Headphone technology to level up your. Xonar DGX.

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