How To Transfer Data Recovery Pictures From Disabled iPhone

There are many reasons why your iPhone might decide to act up. May be you dropped it in water, on the ground (so that it was hit so hard), or perhaps it suffered an upgrade or jailbreak failure. Whatever the reason, such situations can be horrific especially if you didn’t have backup of your Data Recovery somewhere else.

In this situation, you can’t use your iPhone anymore, let alone viewing the Data Recovery therein. This also applies to those who have lost access to their iPhone due to forgotten password. Thankfully, this guide can help you reverse the process so that you can retrieve your beloved photos. For these steps to work, you must have iTunes backup and an application which will facilitate this to happen. We assume that you have a lot of valuable pictures on your already disabled iPhone and you want them out quickly.

Data Recovery

In this case, you’re going to make use of an iPhone data recovery application such as EaseUS MobiSaver. This is not the only iOS data recovery tool since there are many more. This mobile application won’t fix your phone or retrieve its lock-screen password. But it will certainly help you retrieve the lost photos via iTunes. Ideally, you can use any iOS data recovery tool to retrieve lost photos. Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is also a good alternative since it works with a wide range of iOS devices.

It can access Data Recovery from an iPhone 6s, 5s, 5c, 4s, iPad mini, iPod pro and many more. Through this software, you can actually preview and recover a wide range of Data Recovery not limited to photos alone. This means you can also recover videos, call history, text message and so forth. 

Identify Which iTunes Data Recovery Backup You Want To Work With :

With EaseUS Mobi Saver running, you can select the option which says Recover from iTunes backup. Once you select an i tune backup for your iPhone, you can click the start button. This action will prompt the software to run a thorough background scan to identify all your Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Time To Preview And Then Copy The Pictures On Your Disabled iPhone :

Once the scanning is complete, you will be presented with categories of Data Recovery from your iTunes backup file. The photos and video category is most likely where your valuable pictures are lying. So your job will be to select the photos you want to retrieve and transfer them to the relevant medium. You can also see that the software has a recovery button to help you do this. This function enables you to export the photos you have just recovered into your computer’s hard drive. 

If your Data Recovery is already backed up with iTunes, you don’t need to connect your mobile device in order to retrieve this Facebook data. You can simply extract them directly from iTunes backup. The steps are very clear and easy to execute. It shouldn’t sound like rocket science trying to retrieve photos from a disabled iPhone especially in this era where software is available to accomplish this task. 

How To Transfer Data Recovery Pictures From Disabled iPhone