The ingredient of education is not limited to academic knowledge, it’s much more.It is a bundle of knowledge skills and habits engraved in an individual’s mind through proper instruction, training, sharing, and communication. No matter how knowledge is transferred, it has to shape and mould an individual in the way he thinks, believes, and reacts to the surrounding. Education is a must for a better future that’s the reason why everyone wants to get the best of it.

Practical and theoretical knowledge

To get the best knowledge, our education system must provide both theoretical and practical knowledge which will eventually be the roadmap to a great future and the best life.

  • Theoretical knowledge is to learn anything without a practical approach. It will only help you with theories and understand various techniques that are tried and tested. It will give you a deeper understanding of concepts through context
  • Practical knowledge helps a student apply theories in a real-world setting. it is usually more of a hands-on experience that will develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and teamwork skills.

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Pros and cons of practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge

Practical knowledge is better and more effective as compared to theoretical knowledge. It makes you more capable to know how things work in the real world. An English proverb says: “Practice makes a man perfect”,so the best part of a practical application is learning in a practical way that will preserve the knowledge with us forever. Hands-on experience gives greater exposure to an individual.

Moreover, there are a few cons of practical knowledge along with the pros. Learning to practice and experience is not a one-night game. Due to changing technological advancement, one has to keep learning and experiencing new things on the go. sometimes practical educators often struggle to keep up with the latest technology.

Practical and theoretical knowledge must help us become individual that is more confident, and consistent and that can live a life free of worry and anxiety. One has to strike a balance between both to possess a bright career in a field. thus, we cannot limit our understanding of education only to theoretical knowledge.This should come from a structured education system. It must also come from observation, experience, and influence in life. Education should generate the overall growth and development of an individual.

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